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Ancient rural casino said


located in the rural territory of Nardò.
The property in question is located in one of the oldest agricultural areas of the district of the city of Nardò. The area turned exclusively to agricultural-arable purposes, was urbanized in the mid-century. XVI with the construction of the microcosm "masseria" and with the typification of small farmhouses called "casini", as can be deduced from the decorative elements of the entrance portal, small testimonies in the frames, from the internal chimney, from the mouth of the cistern.

“Casino or Casina SBARLETTA”: certainly the toponym and the typology of the building refer to the clan of the famous builders of the late 16th and early 17th centuries SPALLETTA, whose name was transformed over time into the current “barb”. The Spalletta family was famous in Nardò for having built many of the coastal towers that surrounded the perimeter of the Salento coast.

The entrance with portal in fact retains some moldings found in the coastal towers of the Nardò terriotiro, as well as the mangers, the cornices of the stables and also the cornice overlooking part of the internal courtyard and the façade on the cistern.

The stylistic character and the architectural composition consequently leads us to hypothesize that the building was built between the end of the seventeenth and the second half of the century. XVIII, with a probable renovation at the beginning of the 19th century and other rooms in the years 1930-40.

It is therefore concluded that the property in question has value


architect Giancarlo De Pascalis

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